FullCircle Exhibition 2011

Acrylic on canvas
100 x 100 x 5cm

'Second Circuit'
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 100 x 5cm


 Jackson's Yard Spring Art Show 2011

Acrylic on canvas
37cm x 30.5cm x 2cm

'Planned Obsolescence'
Acrylic on canvas
37cm x 30.5cm x 2cm

Oil on board
37cm x 30.5cm x 5cm

Oil on board
37cm x 30.5cm x 5cm


An exhibition of recent work from studio holders of Jackson's Yard.
Located deep in the heart of the Hyde Park area of Leeds, Jackson’s Yard
Studio has been a creative workspace for local artists for many years.

This new exhibition held at nearby Red Eric Studios, will showcase
work in a variety of media from painting and drawing to photography and

Participating artists: Andy Reynolds, Christopher Hall, Karen
Dennis, Natasha Williams, Richard Lamb, Sheryl Roberts, Carol Cawood and Simon Dobbs.
Open to the public from 4pm Friday 4th March.

Join us on the Saturday night from 7pm for special performances including
live music from Troy and Biscuithead and the Biscuitbadgers!

Opening times: Friday 4th March 4-9pm

Saturday 5th March 1pm-10pm

@Red Eric Studios, 47 Westfield Road, LeedsLS3 1DG
Venue map can be found here:

Eighteen snapshot images painted in oil and acrylic on gesso panels. Many of the images are painted reproductions of photographs that were donated as part of a project concerning the demise of conventional 'analogue' photography in the digital age.
These photographs were the 'mistakes', those taken in error, photographs that hadn't turned out or where the composition was askew, colours over exposed and so on.
These photographs form a bank of increasingly rare images that, with the advent of modern technology, are routinely deleted and discarded. They are both immediately intimate and at the same time totally anonymous. They reveal much about small aspects of life recorded at a level of detail deemed insignificant enough to throw away.
Oliver Cross, Yorkshire Evening Post, Friday 9th July 2010

Real-time - when things respond to events as they occur.

For this new exhibition Christopher Hall brings together, for the first time, a selection of paintings and short films that seek to explore the space that exists between the analogue and digital world – the real and the unreal.

The selection includes bold and colourful paintings produced through semi-automated means, traditional figurative works and short experimental films where digital information is pushed through analogue processes.

See artist’s profile on www.axisweb.org

Exhibition opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Thursday, Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Leeds Central Library info and map: