Thursday, 24 June 2010

'Reflections on the Brave New World' Live@KiNETIKA! 2008 (1/3)

This was my response to a recording of the writer Aldous Huxley addressing an audience at Berkeley in the sixties. It was performed as part of exp24's night for Leeds International Film Festival in 2008. The work consisted of a prepared film loop and soundtrack using found footage and hand processed super 8. This was projected alongside an educational 16mm film featuring an earthworm undergoing dissection. The piece is suggestive with both the body of the earthworm and the face of the woman undergoing external manipulation. The power of the piece is dependent on the duration and the interplay between the two on screen images as well as those suggested by the soundtrack. Portions of the original voice recording could be heard along with live audio intervention interference and selected readings from Herbert Marcuse's One Dimensional Man.

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